Founders & Instructors

- We are PhD and Master Degrees Graduate, who Actively research, train, and design curriculums for robotics, coding, electronics, and all type of technologies. We are collectively exceeding 35 years worth of experience in wide range of latest technologies - Our Instructors are smart university computer science students. Studying in well reputed universities in Toronto, York, Saint Catherin, and Western Ontario. - We ran several national and international competitions at various levels. We deliver online, self-study, and in person programs.

Business & History

Today kids, youth, and teens from all over the world can access our programs on different platforms such as online from the comfort of their home couch, and our unique interactive self-study platform. In addition to our in-premise programs. We introduce our programs worldwide in the form of training programs, webinars, forums, and workshops. We are partnered with similar organizations in UK, USA, and Canada. We are SMART! Our Programs are Specific Measurable Achievable Rewarded and Timed. History: It all began with a group of people who decided to do something completely unique! We decided to be pioneers in SMART technology-related training programs. Robomazing is a technology training center founded in 2017 and established in Canada in 2019.

Teaching Tech

We have 35 collective years of teaching technologies including robotics, coding, electronics, Iot, and more to children, youth, and teenagers Canadian Registered Corporate & Academic and Professional Team Teaching Style: Project-based - Hands-on - Pressure free - Learning by Doing - Pareto Concept Secured and protected Online platform Environment. We deliver: In-person, Self-Learning, and Online Instructors-led Programs. Top-rated Educational Robotics kits suitable for related curriculum. Winter & Summer Boot Camps and national and international competitions Developing and improving Mandatory Soft Skills such as Problem solving - Creative thinking - Logical and Critical Thinking - Teamwork - presenting and confronting people - deal with challenges, and more


Vision: Helping youth towards a bright future. Mission: Robomazing is committed to develop talented youth, help them to be a unique added value to the new world of new technologies, and preparing them to be ready for their academic life and future career. We are committed to Simplify technologies to prepare our youth to be ready for the future's job and business opportunities. Motto: Learn with the experts We are forecasting that teaching technology, AI, Coding, IoT, 3D Printing, Robotics, and application development is not a want anymore, it is a mandatory need. Our goal is to furnish the base for our kids, youth, and teenagers to participate and lead the way ahead.