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Course Description

This course builds on the knowledge acquired in the previous course (i.e. Structured Programming). The candidate will be exposed to new concepts which allow him to use compound data types, such as two dimensional arrays, strings, and structs. Moreover, he will learn how to save and read data from a storage device such as a harddisk. The most interesting part of this course is how to use pointers. A pointer gives the C language its uniqueness and makes it the preferred choice for many programmers, where it helps in low level interfacing as well as fast access to memory locations. There is no doubt, this course is a perfect start for real programming in C.

Course Aim

The course aims at polishing the candidate’s programming skills through new programming concepts. The candidate will learn how to use two dimensional arrays, where he can sort and search them for specific pieces of data.  He will learn how to manipulate strings, which are a special type of arrays, by adding, changing, concatenating them manually and using the “string.h” library. Using structs will teach him how to store data records in memory and will help him to save data as binary files. The candidate will learn the differences between binary and text files, and when he should use each of them. Moreover, Recursion will be used to solve some mathematical problems.

Course Objective

By the end of this course, student should be able to:

  • Understand the usage of C pointers.
  • Work with compound data structures such as strings, 2 dimensional arrays, and structs.
  • Learn how to work with binary and text files.
  • How to search and sort an array.
  • Understand the concept of recursion.

Dynamic Platform

Each student will have his own access to our dynamic platform where he will have access to various resources such as slides and quizzes.