Empower young voices by offering a platform for youth to express their thoughts and ideas through podcasting A Creative Online Digital Bootcamp aims to enable podcasters to produce their own podcast under direct supervision from experts in record time. From ideation, script writing, recording and sound engineering to publishing. 8 interactive sessions with time for practical application within 2 months to enter the podcasting world, to end with your podcast channel with professional and influential episodes at the end of the podcamp. A true step-by-step simulation journey of professional podcast production based on the Podlines Podcasting Model 4Ps With us, you start with an idea and end with your podcast channel


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Who can attend?

You are welcome to join Podlines PodCamp if you have:

  • Interest in podcasts

  • Passion

  • Commitment

Contact info

  • Bootcamp language

    • English

  • Bootcamp days

    • TBD

  • Session duration

    • 3 hours / session

  • Timing

    • TBD

  • Bootcamp location

    • The camp will be interactive via ZOOM platform

  • For registration and inquiries

    • admin@robomazing.ca


Weekly Session





Welcome to the world of podcasts

Introduction to Podcasting

Introduction to Podlines Podcasting Platform

Podcast roles, formats and categories

Podcast production stages 

First experience - make an intro podcast

First week

During the week, Podcasters can create an introductory/first episode to test their podcasting skills and present it in an interactive session to get feedback on this week’s methodology.


Podcast DNA

Ideation (concept and theme)

Defining podcast topic

Podcast DNA

Podcast directing basics

Home studio settings

Second Week

Podcasters are able to identify appropriate ideas for their podcast, in addition to analyzing a podcast within the area they are interested in, and presenting the analysis within an interactive session to get feedback.


Podcast Setup

PMC Podcast Business Model

Determine the target audience


Production management tools

Third Week

During the week, podcasters will work on building their podcast business model and production management model.



Episode Setup

Podcast template

Script mind map

Episode template

Script writing - (solo - interview)

Episode audio setup

Start writing your first episode

Fourth Week

During the week, participants have the opportunity to write at least the script for the first episode of the podcast, prepare its audio in preparation for its recording, and present it to experts.


Sound Engineering

Recording settings

Professional voice over

Record your first episode

Sound Editing 

Fifth Week

During the week, podcasters have the time to professionally record the pre-made episode and process it using audio editing software.


Final Mixing

Sound ID

Music & SFX


Sixth Week

During the week, the podcasters will choose the podcast audio identity, in addition to choosing the appropriate sound effects for the episode, final mixing & mastering for the audio file, to end with the ready-to-publish episode.



PostProduction files

Visual ID

Metadata File

Publishing on Podcast Platforms

Hosting & Publishing Platforms

Publishing process on the suitable platform.

Seventh Week

Podcasters will work to complete the processes necessary to launch their podcast channel with at least one episode published.




Branding and marketing

Podcast sustainability

Podcast Growth techniques

Podcast monetization techniques

PPN Presents

Eighth Week

The podcaster's career begins with the growth and continuity of his podcast, with featured podcasters having the opportunity to join the Podlines Podcast Network.