General Information 1- This course is an Online program. 2- Learning environment will be through an online conferencing tool. 3- This course duration is 16 hours. 4- Course schedule and timing will be decided once the class is complete. 5- The participant can use the mobile app to access our dynamic platform to solve quizzes. Prerequisites 1- Fair knowledge of English Speaking. Note: This is Level 1 of the course. Please check the course: PRO-302-B: PROGRAMMING APPLICATIONS USING C (AGE: 15+)


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Course Description

The C Language has proven to be an expressive and versatile language for a wide variety of applications. This course will help you to program in C. Even though it is an introductory course, it will put your feet on a solid ground of various programming concepts, where you can use them to logically solve various problems.

Course Aim

The course aims at showing the essential elements of C programming language, so the candidate can get quickly at the point where he can write useful programs. To achieve this, we focus on the basics such as variables, arithmetic and logical operations, arrays, and functions. We also present programming concepts which pave the road to build correct programs.

Course Objective

By the end of this course, student should be able to:

  • Understand and use basic programming constructs of C language.
  • Manipulate various C data types, arrays, and functions.
  • Use loops and selection structures.
  • Isolate and fix common errors in C programs.

Dynamic Platform

Each student will have his own access to our dynamic platform where he will have access to various resources such as slides and quizzes.