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02 May

Important announcement
We are working on a new program called RTH: Robomazing Talents Haven for youth of all ages. It will be a youth community on a mobile app It will have open clubs - Robotics Club- Developers Coding Club- Podcasters Club- Readers Club- Digital Books Writer Club- Video Editors Club- Electronics Club- Graphic Designers Club- IoT Club- AI Club- 3D Printing Club- Math Tutoring and more
The way to work: - Download the app for free- Sign up for your youth - Find Club: Robomazing Talent Haven- Choose the club you are interested in joining- Pay 10 dollars a month or Pay 10 months in advance and get two months for free
What you will get - Monthly free webinar - Monthly free Q&A session (Ask and learn anything related to your club)- Tech-related tips and hints- discount 5% of all our new training programs - Access to tech resources such as free courses- One in person gathering to get to know your team- Opportunity to register for paid events related to your club- And most important the opportunity to form a team to participate in national and international technology competitions (More to come on this)
App will be ready to download by this Friday

Rasheed Hourani, Founder, CEO
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