Founders Message
  • Robomazing Inc. established 2019 in Canada. We provide SMART technology-related training online and on-premise programs for youth of all ages in Canada and all over the world.  
  • We are SMART! Our Programs are Specific Measurable Achievable Rewarded and Timed. 
  • Our Vision Helping youth towards a bright future
  • Mission: We are committed to train, teach, and develop talented youth. Helping them to be a unique and added value in the world of dynamic technologies. We are committed to Simplifying technologies to prepare our youth to be ready for the future's job and business opportunities.
  • History: It all began with a group of people who planned to do something completely unique! 
  • What we do? Robomazing is a company dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions and great services. 
  • Products: Our products and services are designed to satisfy all of our customers, anytime, anywhere. Customer satisfaction as our top priority. We are committed to this.
  • Our worldwide online courses, youth will learn to code in a fun, safe, and inspiring learning environment, with a project-based curriculum that they enjoy. Parents will notice the real progress of their youth and will see how youth will gain valuable skills while having a great time. Learn with the experts 
  • Montreal Soccer Competition 
  • If you want to learn more about how we do business, give us a call today. +1 (437) 972-8999
Rasheed Hourani, Founder, CEO