Course Description

The course uses the Mbot robotic kit in conjunction with mblock5 programming environment to deliver the basic knowledge related to robots mechanical structure, electronics, and how we can control them through coding.

Course Aim

By the end of the course, the student will have a general understanding of what is a robot and how it operates, and what are the main applications where robots are used. The student will know the basic programming structures such as loops, decisions, and variables. Moreover, he/she will learn how to use the acquired programing skills to control his robot to perform a specific task. The student will be aware of simple physics and electrical topics related to the robotics field.


  • A PC with internet browser and WIFI capabilities.
  • A windows PC. Please consider that Apple PC, ipad, and Chromebook are not guaranteed to work with the course software (mblock5). 
  • Purchase the course related robotics kit.