24 Hours of critical thinking and challenging mission to move this smart robot on MARS service/


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Course Information

Course Code: ROB-03

Prerequisite: None

Duration: 24hours (given as 2 hrs per class) 


The course depends on continuous evaluation where students make various exercises and projects during the course.   

Course Description

The "Galaxy Rover Robot" course is an exciting exploration into the field of robotics and space exploration. Designed for enthusiasts, engineers, and aspiring roboticists, this course delves into the intricacies of designing, building, and programming a versatile and autonomous rover capable of navigating extraterrestrial environments. Participants will engage in a dynamic blend of theoretical instruction, hands-on experimentation, and collaborative projects, gaining the skills and knowledge needed to create their own Galaxy Rover Robot. The course emphasizes real-world applications, innovative design principles, and the integration of cutting-edge technologies for space exploration.    

Course Aim

The primary aim of the "Galaxy Rover Robot" course is to empower participants with the expertise to design, build, and program a functional rover capable of navigating simulated extraterrestrial landscapes. The course seeks to cultivate a deep understanding of robotics principles, sensor integration, and autonomous navigation, preparing participants for the challenges and opportunities within the field of space exploration robotics. By the end of the course, participants will have the skills and confidence to contribute to robotic projects and pursue further exploration in the exciting realm of space robotics. 

Course Objectives

The student will: 

  • Foundational Robotics Knowledge: Acquire a solid understanding of fundamental robotics concepts, including mechanics, electronics, and programming, as they apply to rover design. 

  • Sensor Integration: Explore the integration of sensors, such as cameras, IR sensors, and distance sensors, to enable the rover to perceive and navigate its environment. 

  • Autonomous Navigation: Develop skills in programming the rover for autonomous navigation, and obstacle avoidance. 

  • Mechanical Design and Construction: Learn principles of mechanical design for robotics, including chassis construction, wheel configurations, and other mechanical considerations essential for a robust rover. 

  • Electronic Systems Integration: Understand the integration of electronic components, microcontrollers, and power systems to ensure the efficient and reliable operation of the Galaxy Rover Robot. 


Course Outline

  • Unveiling the Mars Rover: (1 hour) 
    • Gain an understanding of the evolution and purpose of Mars rovers. 

    • Express creativity by designing your own Mars rover. 

    • Enhance presentation skills by sharing and explaining your rover design 

  • Understanding and Making Rocker-Bogie System: (1 hour) 
    • Understand the design principle of the Rocker-Bogie suspension system and its advantages. 

    • Learn how to design and make a basic model of the Rocker-Bogie suspension system. 

    • Apply basic principles of physics to explain how the Rocker-Bogie suspension system overcomes complex terrains. 

  • Robot Assembly

    • Learn How to Assemble your Robot. 

  • Play Mode 

    • Jump straight into the action after assembling your Galaxy Rover. 

    • Use the Controller app to explore its myriad of functions including first-person driving, switching between obstacle avoidance and follow modes, and even voice control.   

  •   Entering the World of Arduino and Coding

    • Understand the basic concepts and functions of Arduino. 

    • Learn about SunFounder R3 Board. 

    • Install Arduino IDE and get familiar with its interface. 

    • Learn about basic syntax rules for Arduino programming. 


  • Each student must have his own PC/Laptop. 

  • Each student must have an access to internet. 

  • Software: 

    • Internet connection 

    • Arduino IDE 

  • Hardware: 

    • Windows PC or laptop 

    • Galaxy Rover Robot Kit