Learn all about how Excel helps us understand data in creative and unique ways! Microsoft Excel is the most important software in the MS Office package. Microsoft Excel is used for spreadsheet analysis and mandatory to help any of your school needs.


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The lessons will equip you with excellent Excel skills, good enough to impress any teacher, but it doesn't confuse by attempting to teach skills that are not common in the school. 

With the help of these lessons, you learn about cells, worksheets, field names, formulas, IF functions and more.

  • Excel Fundamentals and Terminology.
  • Navigating and Understanding the Structure of Excel.
  • Creating, Saving and Closing Workbooks and Worksheets.
  • Entering and Editing Text, Numbers and Formulas.
  • Using Undo/Redo, Find and Replace, and Go To Commands.
  • Working with Ranges.
  • Using Copy, Cut, Paste Commands.
  • Manipulating Rows and Columns.
  • Formatting Text and Cells.
  • Using the Format Cells Dialog Box.
  • Hiding/Unhiding and Freezing/Unfreezing Rows and Columns.
  • Defining Print Areas and Printing a Worksheet.
  • Inserting and Editing Headers and Footer.
  • Using the Insert Function Command for Basic Commands.
  • Modifying Worksheets and Workbooks.
  • Adding and Deleting Worksheet.
  • Changing Worksheet Tab Colors.
  • 24 Hours